Atreon Orthopedics
A medical device company building a line of orthopedic products that provide a structure for tissue growth and healing of sports medicine injuries including tendon ruptures/tears.
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The Rotium™ Bioresorbable Wick is comprised of biodegradable polymer nanofibers that replicate the structure of the native extracellular matrix and completely resorbs after 3-4 months. The nanofibers act as a scaffold that support cellular ingrowth and facilitate healthy tissue regrowth, such as Sharpey fibers. Traditional rotator cuff repair results in high levels of scar tissue at the bone-tendon interface, resulting in weaker connection of the tendon to the bone. The Rotium™ Wick supports and encourages the regeneration of healthy tendon at the bone-tendon interface.


Product Composition



  • Rotium™ is FDA indicated to be used in conjunction with over 40 commonly used anchors. Similar products on the market only have one suture anchor product configuration.

  • Ease of use allows for incorporation into existing repair techniques without adding time

  • No change is required in placement configuration for existing anchors or procedures. Furthermore, no special instrumentation is required.

  • Can be used in open or arthroscopic procedures.


  • The Rotium™ Wick provides over 9 times the surface area coverage than a comparable product, with a surface area of 400 sq. mm.

  • Rotium™ provides optimum coverage of the supraspinatus footprint of 368sq. mm.


  • Rotium™ benefits patients, surgeons, and insurers by providing a lower overall cost per procedure than comparable products while offering greater benefits, such as increased wick retention and strength. Alternative scaffold products cost upwards of $3,500, 10X the cost of Rotium™ per procedure.





  • No significant procedural changes in rotator cuff repair

  • Engineered to promote cell migration and aid the healing process

  • Improves the attachment of the tendon to the bone

  • Eliminates complications/costs associated with tissue-based products



  • May provide local containment to surgical site for PDGF-bb, BMSC, ASC, and PRP

  • Satisfies industry need for a “delivery vehicle”


  • Faster healing time - reduced time to full functionality

  • Fewer re-tears and revision surgeries


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