Rotium® Bioresorbable Wick

Atreon Orthopedics Rotium Bio Resorbable Wick

Improving Rotator Cuff Repair

ROTIUM is an interpositional wick placed at the tendon-bone interface designed to supercharge the biologic environment for support of the healing cascade and improvement in long-term outcomes after rotator cuff repair

The Biologic Challenge

An unhealthy restoration of the tendon-bone interface (i.e. enthesis) is associated with scar tissue formation which may increase the chance of biologic failure, inferior healing or inconsistent functional outcomes.

An Autobiologic Solution

The combination of ROTIUM’s biomimetic matrix and its unique surgical placement between the rotator cuff tendon and the bone allows the scaffold to wick and hold the patient’s own active biology directly at the repair site. It is engineered to harness inflammation and encourage scarless healing with strong tissue integration and remodeling of a functional enthesis.

Atreon Orthopedics Rotium Bioresorbable Wick For Rotator Cuff Repair
Rotium Unique Design Features
Unique Design
  • 85% Porous Microfiber Matrix
  • 100% Synthetic
    • PGA – Poly-Glycolic Acid
    • PLCL – Poly-Lactide co-caprolactone A
  • 3-4 Month Absorption Rate
  • Footprint Coverage Sizing
    • 20x20 mm
    • 40x30 mm
Rotium Smart Economics Technique
Smart Economics &
Simplified Technique
  • ROTIUM® is readily incorporated into current RTC surgeries without the need for extra disposables or instrumentation that may add surgical time and increase procedural costs
  • Robust structure for ease of handling during implantation and versatility to accommodate surgeons’ preferred techniques.
Clinical Success Proven Science
Clinical Success &
Proven Science
  • PATIENT OUTCOMES: Beleckas, C. M., Minetos, P., & Badman, B. L. (2023). Short-term radiographic and clinical outcomes of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair with and without augmentation with an interpositional nanofiber scaffold. Journal of Orthopaedic Experience & Innovation

  • ANIMAL STUDIES: Romeo, A., Easley, J., Regan, D., Hackett, E., Johnson, J., Johnson, J., Puttlitz, C., & McGilvray, K. (2022). Rotator cuff repair using a bioresorbable nanofiber interposition scaffold: A biomechanical and histologic analysis in sheep. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 31(2), 402–412.



Atreon Orthopedics Rotium Bioresorbable Wick For Rotator Cuff Repair
  •  Applicable with any Rotator Cuff Repair technique

  •  No disposables

  •  No special instrumentation required

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