Is a non-woven, microfiber matrix comprising biodegradable polymer fibers that mimic the extracellular matrix structure.

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A medical device company

Building a line of orthopedic products that provide a structure for improved healing of sports medicine injuries.

Atreon Orthopedics® is a startup company based in Columbus, Ohio. Our mission is to dramatically improve healing and speed of recovery for patients encountering sports medicine injuries.

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Rotium™ Bioresorbable Wick


Rotator cuff tears are one of the most common tendon bone ruptures that impact society today– 22% prevalence in the general population. The recurrence rate for new tears can be up to 60%.

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These sports medicine injuries impact people of all ages and activity levels. Current products on the market focus on increasing the strength of the repair, not the quality of repair.

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A medical device company building a line of orthopedic products that provides a structure for improved healing of sports medicine injuries.

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