Atreon Orthopedics
A medical device company building a line of orthopedic products that provide a structure for tissue growth and healing of sports medicine injuries including tendon ruptures/tears.



Atreon Orthopedics is developing a line of scaffold-based orthopedic products that accelerate and improve the quality of repair at the site of a soft tissue injury. The first product, Atlas Scaffold, is planned to launch in 2018.



The Atlas Scaffold is completely resorbable. Over the course of 3 months, the product is completely gone, leaving behind healthy tissue.

This video shows cells migrating along the scaffold material just as they would in the body. An in-vitro study against a prominent competitor showed that the Atlas Scaffold outperformed in cell proliferation and adhesion.

The Atlas Scaffold mimics the extracellular matrix found naturally in the body. Our scaffold is engineered to promote healthy tissue growth rather than an inflammatory response - thus decreasing scar tissue formation.